Leverhulme Academy Trust

Leverhulme Academy Trust

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Discovering dreams • Achieving ambitions • Transforming lives


As a multi-academy trust, we have thought long and hard about why we are here as an organisation and what our purpose is. Our mission is to discover dreams, achieve ambitions and transform lives.

Discovering dreams: Understanding the dreams of our students and staff

Achieving ambitions: The work that we do inside and outside our classrooms

Transforming lives: Making a positive impact on the lives of our students, staff and wider communities


Our vision is:

To provide the highest quality of education that creates a community of happy, successful and well-rounded individuals who can flourish and make a difference in our world.


Our values underpin our mission and provide the basis on which we will achieve our vision. They drive our relationships with staff, students, and our communities and help us make decisions as leaders.

  • Students first: We put our students at the heart of all our decisions
  • High expectations: We have high expectations of both ourselves and others
  • Integrity: We do the right thing

What do our values mean to our students?

We’ve put our values in a student-friendly language:

  • Take part: We expect students to take part, to be actively involved in their school and their community
  • Work hard: We expect students to work hard
  • Do the right thing: We expect students to do the right thing