Leverhulme Academy Trust

Leverhulme Academy Trust

Vision, Mission and Values

“Inspiring learners: transforming dreams and ambitions”



To prepare young people for life, academically, socially and spiritually and to provide inspiring learning environments that allow our students to excel.



Our mission is to provide:

  • nurturing and inclusive communities that inspire, engage, support and transform the dreams and ambitions of all
  • empowering communities that listen, prioritise personal leadership and responsibility and promote social justice
  • learning environments, in which the unique talents and skills within all of us are recognised, nurtured and celebrated
  • creative, exciting and innovative curricula enabling access to qualifications and skills for lifelong learning
  • outstanding teaching, leadership and learning for all to maximise rapid and sustained educational standards within and across our family of schools



Our values underpin our mission and provide the basis on which we will achieve our vision. We passionately strive to provide a Multi-Academy Trust that is:

  • respectful, inclusive and tolerant of all
  • responsive to the voices, needs and experiences of all
  • committed to celebrating the local context and purpose of each school within the Trust through a strong focus on collaboration, partnerships and networking
  • inclusive of both Christian, other faiths and British values
  • constantly striving for excellence and continuous improvement in all that we do