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Our current plans to grow the trust are focused on finding schools with similar values and principles to join us a strong partners.  We believe that schools joining in this way would reap many benefits from the collaboration and would also enhance the capacity of the trust.  This would not be a loss of control or status for heads or governors, but in fact an opportunity to take control at a critical time of change in the wider schools landscape. 

We would welcome a discussion with any school who might be interested in joining us in this exciting stage, as we continue to shape and develop our multi academy trust.

For any school facing a potential change of leadership, the offer of guidance and training for a new leader could be a key benefit providing  the confidence needed to step up to the challenge of Headship.

​The National Governors Association now provides information about the benefits of working in formal collaborations and the need for schools to be in control of their own destiny.  Please see guidance paper at bottom of page.

​Any school wishing to join the MAT can be fully supported through the legal process by our partners Browne Jacobson.


Governance for joining schools

​​​​It is expected that Good or Outstanding schools joining the trust would retain their local governing body and similar powers but would pass on some of the statutory responsibilities.

A number of different models are possible however and a new school may wish to be part of the governance structure with a very clear focus on the quality of education.  



If you are interested in exploring the possibility of joining the Trust, please contact the Paul Roach, Chief Executive or Carol Davies, Deputy CEO to discuss the opportunity in confidence.