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Leverhulme Academy Trust

Harper Green School Introduces Student Library Ambassadors

Thursday, 6th June 2024

As part of their commitment to nurturing a strong reading culture, Harper Green School has introduced a dedicated team of library ambassadors to support the school library and help promote reading around the school.

The library ambassadors play a pivotal role in generating enthusiasm for the library and reading spaces, promoting a love for reading across all year groups. Being a library ambassador can also have further long-lasting positive effects for the individuals, including:

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Opportunities to assume responsibility
  • Recognition for positive contributions
  • The chance to assist fellow students
  • A platform for student voice within the school

The impact of becoming a library ambassador extends beyond the immediate responsibilities of the role. Students who take on this position benefit from a sense of pride, accomplishment and ownership in the library. Those who serve as pupil librarians in primary school may also experience increased confidence when transitioning to secondary school and continuing their involvement in library spaces.

Mrs. Fahlin, the school librarian, added, "I was once asked if having student librarians in schools is worthwhile, and my answer is a resounding yes. Simply put, Harper Green School Library would not be the same without them. Thanks to our amazing team!"

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