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10 student environmental ambassadors plan to make a change

Tuesday, 24th May 2022

Harper Green School has appointed 10 student environmental ambassadors to drive change and improve environmental awareness in its school, local community and beyond.

Rachel Morris from Third Space, a Christian charity, has already started work in conjunction with the group, looking at climate change and its causes and effects on the environment and supporting the groups as they start to create an action plan. Some of the questions discussed in the session include:

  • Who is suffering in the world and who are the biggest contributors to climate change?
  • Why the western world is the biggest culprit of climate change and how do we contribute to this?
  • How it links with poverty and social injustice
  • What is our moral responsibility in this?
  • How can we look at our own carbon footprint and make our own personal commitment first before we can affect change in others?
  • What are our individual gifts and how can we use them to influence change?
  • Becoming Environmental Champions, influencers and leaders
  • What needs to change – for us? In our school community? In our wider community? In the World?

Rachel commented, “The students really enjoyed their first session looking at climate change and the impact on the world. Many of them have really thought about the topic and feel really empowered that they are finally putting their thoughts and ideas into action."

Assistant Headteacher, Ms P Holmes-Patel added, “They particularly enjoyed the feedback and discussion sessions, and I felt the content and their delivery were pitched at the correct level - it helped the students delve into the most pertinent issues. I think they are really starting to think about how the school can reduce its carbon footprint moving forward and I am looking forward to their action planning.”

A huge well done to all the  students involved. We can’t wait to hear more about the work and the difference the group makes over the next term.

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